ATL Events Group Celebrates Growth and Success

Hard work and dedication have certainly paid off at ATL Events Group. The team is celebrating the rapid expansion that has taken place over the past three years. Managers at the firm attribute this to their diligent training program.

“We have spent the last 36 months leveraging the talent of our team with success,” stated ATL Events Group’s Director of Operations. “Our progress has surpassed our expectations, yet it is not surprising because of our commitment to preparing our team.”

"Our progress has surpassed our expectations, yet it is not surprising because of our commitment to preparing our team."

, Director of Operations

The Director shared that during this time, ATL Events Group has expanded into 14 markets. “This is what happens when you focus your efforts on the bigger picture and on building a solid reputation,” stated the Director.

The Director continued, “Our strategy is goal-based and professional-development-driven. We work with our people to ensure that the businesses we represent are served with nothing less than excellence.”

“We set short-term and long-range goals for our team members and our organization,” the Director noted. “Our plan incorporates milestones and real-time feedback so that we can adjust our campaigns to deliver desired outcomes.”

ATL Events Group Managers Describe Training and Development Program

One of the keys to ATL Events Group’s ability to expand is the firm’s focus on ongoing coaching and professional growth. “We don’t simply hire people for jobs,” the Director stated. “Our recruitment is focused on career advancement. We look for candidates who can go the distance with our company.”

The firm’s training program is best described as immersive and individualized. “From day one, these individuals are working side by side with more experienced managers, learning the ins and outs for our operation,” the Director said. “This is part of what gives them the extra oomph they need to grow quickly into their roles. They are working and learning at the same time.”

Coaching is the other aspect of the firm’s development plan. “By having a coach work one-on-one with each associate, we ensure that institutional knowledge is transferred,” the Director explained. “This allows our team members to develop their talents and skills in a safe environment, one that is supportive and growth-oriented. We want them to succeed.”

“We’re extremely confident in ATL Events Group’s ability to continue to expand even more in the next several years,” the Director concluded. “When you hire and train the brightest minds in interactive marketing, there’s no limit to what you can do.”

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