ATL Events Group Enjoys Networking and Relaxation at Retreat

Seven ATL Events Group team members recently traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for an industry networking event. Brandon D., the company Director, hailed the conference as a major success for his team.

Brandon chose Adria D., Austin S., Amory L., Maggie W., Robert G., and Sarah L. to represent ATL Events Group with him. The retreat was hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was attended by sales and marketing professionals from around the country. According to Brandon, this get-together happens every year and is a great chance to catch up with the latest ideas in the industry.

"We got to rub elbows with other industry leaders poolside,” he said. “It is a rare opportunity to get to interact with influencers in a more personal setting. Attending these events is the best way to learn about the most effective strategies that have been working in other markets. I chose the people I brought in part because I knew they would gain a lot from the networking.”

Brandon selected Austin because he has been doing an amazing job of administration and training. Amory is committed to growing with the company and helping everyone around her. Maggie brings a student mentality to every new opportunity. He brought Robert due to his dedication to helping others improve. Finally, Sarah was chosen for her focus on constant improvement.

“I knew this group would jump right into learning from the other attendees,” Brandon said. “Also, this is a way for me to show thanks for the team that invests everything into our company." The event started with an award show to recognize top performers in the industry. Some awards included the most improved award, rookie award, and most achievements award. This was followed by networking with the other attendees. The ATL Events Group team members also got plenty of chances to rest and relax in the tropical sun.

ATL Events Group’s Director Discussed Team Building When Traveling

According to Brandon, the ATL Events Group associates bonded during their trip. He asserted that travel is a valuable investment because it helps with team building. The shared experience and getting to know one another in a new setting leads to stronger relationships between team members.

“Team building is the best way for leaders to empower success,” he stated. “It leads to trust and that leads to smoother teamwork. Today’s business world is defined by teams of talented people working together toward a unifying goal. So, team building is essential to achieving lasting success as a company.”

About ATL Events Group

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