ATL Events Group Growing Team With Conference and Hiring

The ATL Events Group management team is focusing on building the firm's team using an upcoming conference and a hiring initiative. Brandon, the company President, stated that recruitment will focus on recent graduates.

The sales and marketing industry is driven by creative professionals working in cohesive teams. Due to this fact, Brandon has been focusing on building ATL Events Group’s team. He indicated that they have a group of talented professionals who are eager to learn. As such, it is his role to create opportunities for developing new skills.

“Most recently, we decided to send several of our associates to a national conference,” he stated. “The group was chosen because they exemplify what ATL Events Group is all about. Becca, Chris Walden, Chris Winn, Rena, Austin, and Lucy attended the event. They are all campaign managers in our team and have repeatedly shown how much potential they each have.”

According to Brandon, Becca has a fantastic student mentality, Chris Walden is extremely goal-focused, Chris Winn learns at an impressive rate, Rena has an untouchable positive attitude, Austin is a naturally good teacher, and Lucy is constantly growing through feedback. Each has his or her own strengths, which is why they were chosen to attend the conference.

Each of these team members expressed how valuable the conference was in terms of networking and learning the latest and greatest strategies in the industry. Brandon added, “I am excited for them to be able to share all that they have learned with the rest of the team. These six people are truly the best and brightest and have been major assets to our company.”

ATL Events Group’s President Discussed Recruitment

Thanks to a continual increase in demand for ATL Events Group’s services, the company is currently recruiting new team members. Brandon indicated that they are hiring people in a variety of positions. In particular, they will be focusing on finding recent college graduates to join the firm.

“I think a lot of companies miss out on the potential benefits of hiring young people,” he explained. “Conventional wisdom suggests that experience is king; however, I have often found that attitude is more important. We train all our new associates, so the biggest factor we look for is a student mentality.”

Brandon added that recent graduates tend to still have this focus on learning and innovating. Additionally, they are adept at picking up new technologies and techniques, he asserted.

“The energy, passion, and commitment to improvement young professionals demonstrate is unmatched by their older counterparts,” he concluded. “Frankly, I don’t think there is any better group from which to recruit.”

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