ATL Events Group Hits the Road, Promotes Top Performers

ATL Events Group's President outlined the travel opportunities his team members enjoy and highlighted a few recently promoted associates. He also discussed the firm's expanding portfolio and ongoing growth.

ATL Events Group associates receive many opportunities to sharpen their professional skills through travel. Team members will be chosen for an upcoming networking conference, which will offer the chance to rub elbows with accomplished professionals from across the country. “We are encouraging our people to reach for the best that they can be,” said Brandon, the company’s President. “We are excited to find out who will be attending!”

Company leaders have also given their associates the chance to travel across the nation. The President explained, “A few of our promotional specialists were treated to all-expenses-paid trips to learn from other top markets. Rena went to Houston, while Rachael ventured to Fort Worth. Eric and Maurice represented ATL Events Group well in Denver. I have no doubt that our people brought back valuable insights to help them achieve even more in the future.”

"We maintain a merit-based advancement culture here at ATL Events Group,"

Brandon, President

ATL Events Group’s President Discusses Recent Promotion, Expanded Portfolio

“We maintain a merit-based advancement culture here at ATL Events Group,” Brandon commented. “Our people know what they need to do in order to move up within the organization, and Thomas L. recently earned a promotion to the assistant manager role. Thomas has been a campaign manager with us, overseeing a group of five to 15 people. In his new role, he will mentor and lead others while also tending to HR matters, payroll, scheduling, and the hiring process.”

Thomas played all sports in high school, and he brings a fiery competitive streak to his work. Brandon continued, “Thomas was promoted because he is selfless and loves investing his time and energy into helping others reach their goals. He learns something new every day and brings a positive attitude to every new challenge. Those are attributes we want to spread throughout the ATL Events Group team.”

The President identified conversions, management, and building relationships as Thomas’ top three strengths. Thomas added, “Going forward, my goal is to move into a consulting level. My focus right now is on becoming an effective executive though, and I hope to be overseeing eight accounts by January.” When he faces challenges, Thomas is great at reminding himself and his teammates to keep going with this inspiration from Muhammed Ali: "It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you down. It's the pebble in your shoe."

Brandon is also proud to announce that four associates have been promoted from entry-level positions to campaign management. He explained, “Rachael advanced due to her great attitude and infectious personality. Amori earned her promotion because she brings a fantastic student mentality and constantly wants to improve.”

The President and his fellow ATL Events Group leaders are proud to announce that they are expanding the firm’s portfolio. Brandon stated, “Our goal is to always strengthen our partnerships, and train our associates to learn what brand leaders expect. This helps bridge the gap between consumer and product. We are enthused that it is expanding, because it means ATL Events Group is headed in the right direction.”

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