ATL Events Group, Inc. to Expand in 2016

The 2016 business year is now underway at ATL Events Group, Inc. Managers are anticipating a successful year as they look to expand to new businesses. Team members will be participating in the leadership conference as well.

“We have two big goals for this year,” stated Brandon, ATL Events Group, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “First, we want to add to our portfolio of brands we represent. Second, we want to help our associates reach the levels of success they desire.”

Brandon shared that acquiring new business is about leveraging ATL Events Group, Inc.’s previous victories. “We have been successful in our past promotional campaigns,” he explained. “We have the metrics needed to show how we’ve elevated brand visibility and achieved higher conversion rates. We look forward to helping new businesses attain their marketing objectives.”

“Of course, none of this is possible without our impressive team,” he added. “We have a dedicated crew responsible for creating these amazing promotions. We deliver value not only through eye-catching events, but also our personable touch.”

As Brandon shared, the interactive marketing firm’s philosophy is steeped in advancing top performers. “We start with coaching our new associates as they learn the techniques,” he said. “Those who demonstrate that they have the fortitude for leadership can earn invitations to the leadership conferences like the one some of our team will be attending soon. These events are great for gaining valuable industry insights from top leaders, while networking with rising stars from other regions.”

“I have an ongoing goal to see every member of this team achieve more than he or she ever imagined,” he noted.

ATL Events Group, Inc. Managers Offer Goal-Setting Tips

According to Brandon, one of the chief reasons ATL Events Group, Inc. has attained success stems from the managers’ goal-setting abilities. “Goals must be concrete in order to attain them,” he said. “It’s great to say that you want to grow your business. However, you should think more specifically. This is where metrics come into play.”

Brandon described how each goal has a measurement attached to it. “The only way to know if you’ve attained your goal is to have a tangible result in mind,” he said. “Sales are easy because there are dollar figures you can consider. However, if your goal is to improve service, you might need to be more creative, such as measuring repeat business, or surveying customers. Start with a benchmark and repeat the survey to see if you’ve improved after the last round of feedback.”

“Another important factor is to establish milestones,” Brandon cited. “Do not wait until the conclusion of your campaign to verify that you’ve been successful. We track our progress regularly to make sure we’re gaining speed.”

“We’re looking forward to a thrilling 2016,” Brandon concluded. “We’re ready to bring it on.”

About ATL Events Group, Inc.

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