ATL Events Group Invests in Further Success and Expansion

ATL Events Group's President discussed the firm's new website and an upcoming company retreat. He also highlighted the company's growth, talent infusion, and expansion efforts.

“We are always looking for ways to sharpen our brand here at ATL Events Group,” stated Brandon, the firm’s President. “With our new website, we feel we can take our company to new heights of success and bring all our promoted brands along for the ride.” Brandon explained that the firm invested in the site to ensure that it has a clean design and intuitive interface. “I have no doubt that it will spur further growth, and our entire team is excited about the site’s potential.”

Brandon also announced that the company’s annual retreat has been scheduled for November and will take selected team members to Las Vegas. ATL Events Group associates will have the chance to prove themselves by hitting their targets and persevering through obstacles, and those chosen to attend will enjoy an all-expenses-paid getaway. “Our people were ecstatic to hear that they can earn a trip to Las Vegas,” the President added. “I am looking forward to watching them compete for the honor.”

"Thomas will be handling his own team to help continue our company's growth. We are incredibly proud of the way he has strived for greatness, and this monumental accomplishment is his reward."

Brandon, President

There will be an award ceremony at the retreat, which Brandon described as an annual highlight. He remarked, “These events have been huge successes in the past, including our trips to the Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. They represent the best way to show our ATL Events Group associates how much we appreciate their hard work. The award ceremony just gives us another opportunity to recognize our dedicated performers.”

ATL Events Group’s President Outlines New Talent and Expansion Plans

After proving that the firm’s marketing strategies are successful, Brandon and his fellow ATL Events Group leaders added a new name to their diverse portfolio. “Adding this brand is just further confirmation that our promotional strategy is a winning one,” the President said. With another new name added to the firm’s roster of dynamic brands, company leaders are bringing in additional talent to join their team. Brandon commented, “Our training program is one of the best, and we are happy to continue to welcome new members to our organization. We are excited to see everyone grow personally and professionally here at ATL Events Group.”

Expansion is another positive outcome of ATL Events Group’s growing influence. Thomas L., an assistant manager with the firm, will be opening a new office in Atlanta. The President stated, “Thomas will be handling his own team to help continue our company’s growth. We are incredibly proud of the way he has strived for greatness, and this monumental accomplishment is his reward.”

Thomas brings a competitive nature to his work, forged through playing sports in high school. As an assistant manager, he has made mentoring others a top priority. He explained, “Even as I learn more about the business behind the scenes, I continue to mentor and lead others. That selflessness is why I got promoted, and I plan to keep investing time and energy into helping others reach their goals.”

Constantly moving forward is Thomas’ primary goal, and he is committed to being a student and learning something new every day. He continued, “My main focus is on becoming an effective executive, and I want to be overseeing more accounts in the near future.” One of Thomas’ favorite inspirational quotes comes from the late, great Muhammad Ali. The champion once said, “It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you down. It’s the pebble in your shoe.”

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