ATL Events Group is Expanding Into New Territory

The CEO of ATL Events Group discussed the firm's current expansion venture and how opening new markets benefits companies. He also shared details on a hiring push and the traits he seeks in candidates.

As ATL Events Group’s reputation as an innovator in on-site sales promotions continues to grow, company leaders have expansion targets in sight. Brandon D., the firm’s CEO, stated, “We’re ready to enter a new territory, which will allow us to transform even more brands into immersive experiences by making every campaign exclusive and profitable. There’s a buzz around our office as we prepare to broaden our reach and build awareness for the brands we promote.”

Inside the ATL Events Group office, the latest expansion will create opportunities for team members to flex their skills and advance to higher levels. Brandon remarked, “We’ve maintained a growth-focused culture for our branding experts. They know their hard work will be rewarded because we set clear policies for advancement. As we continue expanding into new territories, there will be promotions to the management level for several of our top performers. I’m excited to watch our team members showcase their competitive talents and deliver excellent results in a new setting.”

One of the major benefits of expansion is the fact that team members can refine their skills by working in different places. As they learn what works well in a new market, branding experts adjust their methods accordingly. In the process, they discover new techniques and even hidden talents.

ATL Events Group’s CEO Discusses a Hiring Initiative and Ideal Candidate Attributes

Along with promotion possibilities, the latest ATL Events Group expansion will open up spots for sharp talent to come on board. Brandon commented, “There will be a chain reaction as our current team members advance to management roles. This means openings for business-minded people who are ready to grow along with our company. We’re always searching for natural-born leaders who are confident in their unique abilities.”

There are a few key qualities Brandon seeks in any potential addition to Team ATL Events Group. A high capacity for setting goals is at the top of the list. The CEO added, “We emphasize clear objectives in everything we do, so we look for candidates with a strong history of establishing well-defined benchmarks and achieving them. With specific goals in mind, our team members can focus their efforts and more efficiently get things done.”

Collaborative skills are also focal points for Brandon when evaluating prospective hires. “Being a strong team player is a must in our supportive work atmosphere,” he added. “We want to hear about specific instances in which candidates have applied their skills to help achieve team wins.”

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