ATL Events Group is Seeking New Talent for 2019

The CEO of ATL Events Group discussed the firm's plans for expanding its team in 2019 and what makes an ideal candidate. He also highlighted a few goal-setting strategies team members use to ensure lasting success.

Opportunities to join a booming industry will present themselves within ATL Events Group in 2019. Brandon D., the firm’s CEO, explained that ambitious expansion goals have necessitated a hiring push. He added that careers with the organization are rewarding and challenging at the same time. Advancement is based on merit within ATL Events Group, with frequent recognition given to those who apply themselves.

The CEO stated that the ideal candidate to join Team ATL Events Group is one who has a growth mindset and is determined to succeed. He also noted that those who project confidence and stand out from the crowd would receive special consideration. During interviews, the firm’s hiring managers look for open postures, steady eye contact, and warm smiles. 

There are plentiful growth opportunities available to the firm’s brand managers, as well as unique travel incentives. Personalized coaching from team members who have risen through the ranks of the company is also a major benefit to new hires. Those who come on board are quickly taught all aspects of the firm’s operations, gaining confidence in the process.

ATL Events Group’s CEO Outlines Key Goal-Setting Strategies

To stay on the right track toward reaching high benchmarks for performance and growth, ATL Events Group brand managers put a few simple goal-setting behaviors to good use. Getting as specific as possible with each objective is the first and perhaps most important step. Brandon noted that having a clear result in mind is the best way to put concrete action in place and start making progress right away.

The CEO also shared that team members have made a habit of writing down their goals. For both personal and collective aspirations, having a written version of what they want to achieve adds an extra layer of motivation. By posting their objectives in places of high visibility, the firm’s brand managers have inspiration on display around the office at all times.

Setting firm deadlines also keeps team members on track for success. With completion dates to aim for, people are more likely to organize their efforts and properly align their contributions. Whether the goal relates to ongoing education, company growth, or any other big undertaking, ATL Events Group team members put specific deadlines in place.

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