ATL Events Group Prepares for Leadership Conference

ATL Events Group's CEO discussed an upcoming conference that will offer leadership insights and chances for relaxation. He also outlined a few of the prime benefits that come with team travel events.

The summer months tend to be busy ones for members of Team ATL Events Group, especially when it comes to travel opportunities. This year is no exception, with one of the biggest items on the calendar being a leadership conference in Newport Beach, California during the last weekend in July. Brandon D., the firm’s CEO, reported, “Our top-performing brand experts will be able to spend three days in Newport Beach mingling with the most influential leaders in our industry. There will be so much to learn during this excursion, so I’m excited to announce who will be attending.”

Team members chosen for the Newport Beach trip will be those who have shown dedication, strong leadership skills, and consistently positive attitudes around the ATL Events Group office. Brandon added, “Our team thrives on friendly competition, so having great incentives such as this getaway on the line brings out the best performance from our brand experts. The combination of professional growth and relaxing beaches is a powerful motivator!”

Company leaders emphasize making the most of networking opportunities. The Newport Beach leadership event is an ideal setting for adding valuable contacts who can accelerate career advancement. “We make a point of nurturing our team members in their efforts to expand their networks,” the CEO noted. “By adding accomplished people to their contact lists, our promotional specialists gain access to fresh insights that propel their development.”

ATL Events Group’s CEO on the Unheralded Benefits of Team Excursions

Through the many travel opportunities they receive, ATL Events Group team members hone their people skills and gain the knowledge they need to reach the next levels of their career journeys. According to Brandon, there are plenty of other positive outcomes that emerge from team business trips. He explained, “Our brand experts learn more about each other when they venture away from the office together. They see traits and talents they don’t get to experience on the job, which leads to even stronger teamwork when they return home. There’s always positive energy throughout our headquarters after a big industry gathering.”

Time management skills are also enhanced during events such as the Newport Beach leadership conference. Brandon commented, “There are so many people to meet and lessons to learn at a crowded industry function. Our team members carefully plan their activities to make the most of each event they attend, returning home with new perspectives on how to be as productive as possible.”

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