ATL Events Group Receives Guidance at Conference

ATL Events Group was well represented at a recent Dallas conference. The firm's Director of Operations detailed the event and discussed how travel opportunities factor into the company's training approach.

“We sent some of our top performers to the Dallas conference,” stated ATL Events Group’s Director of Operations. “They received professional guidance from all kinds of high achievers during the event. There was also plenty of networking potential, which our people made sure to maximize. Alexis, Alyssa, Charles, and Emee were the team members in attendance.”

There was an administrator meeting at the conference, which Rebecca and Adria both attended. Everyone’s goal for the event was to network with other accomplished people in the industry. Learning best business practices was also a primary objective, and the company’s branding experts made the most of this opportunity as well. The Director remarked, “Our team members came back to the ATL Events Group office ready to tackle new challenges. I have no doubt that the insights and new contacts they gained in Dallas will help them reach even greater heights of success in the months to come.”

"We sent some of our top performers to the Dallas conference,"

, Director Of Operations

ATL Events Group’s Director of Operations on How Travel Accelerates Training

The ATL Events Group initial training program is an immersive one, giving new hires the chance to learn about all aspects of the company’s operations. Hands-on education means team members begin sharpening their technical and leadership skills from their first days on the job. “Our people have broad foundations of knowledge on which to build rewarding careers,” the Director remarked. 

Ongoing education is also a hallmark of the ATL Events Group culture. The Director added, “We provide all kinds of developmental opportunities for our team members. Travel factors into these efforts in a major way. There’s always a conference, seminar, or road trip right around the corner. We often make these trips incentives to motivate our people to perform at their best.”

Traveling also leads to growth beyond picking up industry insights and new connections. Getting away from the office with teammates has a way of sharpening collaborative skills as well. People who work together every day often learn new things about each other when they hit the road, such as personality traits they might not see at the office. This leads to more inspired teamwork back at home.

The Director noted, “Our promotional specialists also become more flexible with every travel event. They learn to navigate unexpected schedule changes and travel delays, all of which help them build their adaptability. This is important in dealing with shifting market priorities in our industry.”

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