ATL Events Group Standouts Head to Cancun

The CEO of ATL Events Group discussed an upcoming retreat to Cancun and how it will reflect one of the firm's core values. He also outlined a few key benefits that emerge from team travel events.

Brandon D., the CEO of ATL Events Group, explained that of all the firm’s many travel incentives, the annual retreat is probably the most coveted. The 2019 version is coming soon, with select team members heading to Cancun, Mexico in mid-October. Being positive and having fun are core principles for the company, according to Brandon. He stated that, like Cancun, it’s all high tides and good vibes around the ATL Events Group office. This trip is the ideal way to reward the hard work put in by the firm’s top performers.

There will be plenty of fun in the sun during the retreat, as well as great dinners and dancing under the stars. Along with all these relaxing pursuits, those who qualify for the trip will be able to network with highly accomplished people from all corners of the interactive marketing industry. Brandon noted that the retreat will bring national and international partners together. There will be a wide range of viewpoints and different approaches for members of Team ATL Events Group to discover.

ATL Events Group’s CEO Discusses Some Business Benefits of Team Travel

Brandon explained that heading out on a team retreat is a great way for brand experts to strengthen their bonds with each other. People who work together every day get to see different sides of their personalities when they visit new places. The CEO noted that this is especially true for an exotic locale such as Cancun. As they make the most of the sunny beaches and nightlife options, the firm’s top performers are sure to grow closer on a personal level.

Getting away from the demands of a rapidly evolving industry also allows professionals to slow down and reflect on their achievements. Those who qualify for the Cancun retreat will have plenty of time to think about what’s been working well and how they can build on their recent success. As Brandon stated, the fact that team members will also be discussing these things with high achievers from all over the country means they’re likely to return to the ATL Events Group office newly motivated to aim high as they close out 2019 and look forward to another successful year. 

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