ATL Events Group Top Performer Attends Big Meeting

ATL Events Group's CEO put Tasha in the spotlight for her outstanding performance. He also discussed a networking meeting she attended and how travel events amplify the team's commitment to training.

Recognition is a core element of the positive ATL Events Group work culture. Brandon D., the firm's CEO, stated, "When we single out a promotional specialist for his or her excellent performance, everyone on the team gets inspired to step up their games as well. Tasha is the most recent member of our team to receive some time in the spotlight. Along with this recognition, she had the chance to attend a networking meeting with some of our biggest represented brands. While there, she added an array of valuable contacts."

Only the top five promotional specialists in the nation were chosen for the event, so Tasha was in rare company. Brandon added, "We're all really proud of the hard work Tasha has put in, so her being in the top five wasn't a huge surprise to us. She's always going the extra mile to achieve winning results, setting a prime example for her colleagues in the process."

Tasha is the most recent member of our team to receive some time in the spotlight.

Brandon, CEO

ATL Events Group has also been selected by a major brand to receive special training in Canada. "Our people are going to become experts with the product," the CEO commented. "This is really exciting because the company is expanding into a new market and will be fully on board with this brand in the coming weeks. It's a great opportunity to show a new group of consumers why our unique promotions are so effective."

ATL Events Group's CEO on How Travel Enhances Training

Ongoing education is a point of emphasis throughout the ATL Events Group workspace. There are many group training sessions available to team members, along with internal seminars and other developmental opportunities. Travel events also provide the firm's promotional specialists with plenty of chances to broaden their horizons.

Brandon explained, "We send our team members to rewarding conferences, inspiring seminars, and networking events of all kinds. There are even retreats to exotic locales, which offer fun in the sun along with opportunities to learn and forge connections."

Business trips are prime incentives around the ATL Events Group office. "Getting our team's competitive fires burning is good for morale," the CEO commented. "Our promotional specialists elevate their performances and gain even more respect for each other's talents when they compete for travel events. They become stronger collaborators as well."

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