ATL Events Group Well-Represented at Dallas Conference

ATL Events Group’s Director of Operations detailed a recent conference and the team members who attended. He also outlined the benefits of industry events, including the networking potential they provide.

Austin, Sarah, Adrianne, and Erin represented ATL Events Group at the conference in Dallas, Texas. These top performers were chosen for the trip because they put in consistently excellent work, setting the pace for their teammates in the process. Adria, one of the firm’s administrators, stated, “These four are among the first in the office each morning. They bring strong student mentalities to their work as well. Their eagerness to learn will take them far!”

"Our team members meet both top leaders and high-achieving peers during conferences and other functions."

Brandon, Director

“Our associates become more confident through these trips,” stated Brandon D., the firm’s Director of Operations. “They meet influential people and exchange ideas about how to engage customers.” Events like the Dallas conference help people sharpen their communication skills. Interacting with other professionals from across the country is an ideal way to learn about best practices and gain new insights into what it takes to sustain success. 

Team travel amplifies the ATL Events Group training approach, which allows associates to rotate through various departments. “We use an immersive system,” Brandon added. “Everyone on our team gets to learn about how work gets done in all departments and gain useful experience along the way. Venturing to industry functions accelerates our people’s development because they get to discuss emerging practices and implement advice from their peers into their own pursuits.”

ATL Events Group’s Director of Operations on the Networking Potential of Conferences

The chance to forge connections with others from across the country is one of the prime benefits of attending events such as the recent Dallas conference. “Our team members meet both top leaders and high-achieving peers during conferences and other functions,” the Director said. “In the process, they forge relationships that pay off in the future. Doors for future ATL Events Group partnerships get opened in the process, even if they don’t emerge for quite a while.”

Brandon shared a few simple reminders with his associates to help them make the most of networking opportunities at conferences. He remarked, “It’s essential that our people listen more than they talk during their networking interactions. I also encourage them to take notes about each discussion on a new contact’s business card. This allows our associates to send personalized follow-up messages soon after the event. From there, a productive connection can really take shape.”

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