ATL Events Group Wins Top Places to Work Award - Again!

For the second year in a row, ATL Events Group has earned a Top Places to Work Award from the Fair Business Report. Brandon, the firm’s President, discussed what this award is, and what it means for the company. 

“Winning the Top Places to Work Award two years in a row is quite an achievement, and one of the highlights of my career so far as a business leader,” stated Brandon. “Earning it once was impressive enough, but to know that we’ve maintained the high standards required for this kind of recognition twice is something I don’t feel bad bragging about.”

"Winning the Top Places to Work Award two years in a row is quite an achievement, and one of the highlights of my career so far as a business leader."

Brandon, President

The Top Places to Work Award is given by the Fair Business Report (FBR) to companies that prioritize positivity in the office and a culture of empowerment. To even be considered, a business needs to get at least 10 positive peer reviews on the FBR website in a 12-month span. Then, potential winners are evaluated to determine if they provide noteworthy professional development opportunities, fair advancement policies, and coaching or mentoring systems to help their team members succeed. The firm’s commitment to such things as philanthropy is ascertained as well.

“By winning this two years in a row, I think I’m safe in saying that the standards required to win a Top Places to Work Award are simply habits for us at ATL Events Group,” Brandon shared. “To us, it just makes sense to emphasize development and culture, because we know that by helping our team members achieve their personal goals, they in turn push the company toward its operational objectives. It’s a win-win situation, and frankly it’s just the right way to do business.”

How Recognition Helps ATL Events Group Grow

Considering ATL Events Group’s recent award from the Fair Business Report, Brandon is anticipating tremendous growth for the coming year. Not only are other business leaders likely to recognize the benefits of doing business with ATL Events Group (happy team members equal productive and effective ones), but sharp talent will now be seeking to join the firm in even greater numbers than before.

“This type of award is like a flag that signifies that we are a company worth joining,” Brandon exclaimed. “When the smartest, most ambitious professionals are faced with a choice between working for us or a company that isn’t recognized as a Top Place to Work, it only makes sense to go with us. A career at ATL Events Group has always been a smart decision, but now we have tangible proof to back up our claim. I have no doubt that this award is a sign of the many great things we have to look forward to this year as a company, and as a team.”

About ATL Events Group:

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