ATL Events Group Develops Dynamic Business Leaders

The director at ATL Events Group discussed the team's participation in a recent conference, and the firm's efforts to train great leaders. He also detailed an upcoming regional meeting and he shared tips for hiring top talent.

Company leaders at ATL Events Group emphasize a growth culture, which has enabled them to develop a team of dynamic performers. “We focus on equipping all of our associates with the knowledge and skills that they need to become innovative leaders,” stated Brandon, the company’s director of operations. “Our training program is extensive, and we also travel to industry events to build our people’s business acumen. Our HR team just returned from a national conference in Dallas, Texas. They brought back so many valuable insights.”

The conference offered ATL Events Group’s associates the chance to share best practices with other dynamic professionals. They also got to hear influential leaders share their philosophies on overcoming obstacles to achieve lasting success. “As if all the new knowledge that you gain at a conference isn’t enough, it’s also an ideal place to make new contacts,” added the director. “We always come back to the office with at least a few new connections to follow up on, which always leads to opportunities down the road.”

"We focus on equipping all of our associates with the knowledge and skills that they need to become innovative leaders,"

Brandon, Director of Operations

Brandon and the ATL Events Group executive team is proud of the leaders that they have developed. The director commented, “With high-achieving campaign managers such as Maggie, Teryn, Brandi, Austin, and Bryan leading the way, our firm is setting the standard in our industry. In fact, we will be hosting the semi-annual regional meeting in Atlanta on October 6th. This networking conference and training seminar will bring top executives and campaign trainers together from the southeast region. We are looking forward to it!”

ATL Events Group’s Director Offers Tips for Adding the Best Talent

 The leaders at ATL Events Group apply a few basic strategies to their hiring and recruiting efforts to bring in the sharpest candidates. Brandon stated, “You have to put a lot of work into finding and attracting the most talented people. For us here at ATL Events Group, this effort starts with developing accurate job descriptions. We want to be absolutely clear about what a candidate must have in terms of skill set, personality attributes, and experience. Without those things, you might end up with talented applicants who aren’t good fits for your needs.”

After identifying candidates with the proper attributes, company leaders use a consistent set of questions in tightly structured interviews. “We use strategic questions to assess a person’s cultural fit and technical aptitude,” Brandon said. “To make it easier for us to compare applicants, we make sure that we pose the same types of questions to each person. From there, it’s easy to home in on the perfect addition to our team.”

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