ATL Events Group Expanding, Celebrating Promotions

ATLANTA, GA - The entire crew at ATL Events Group is proud to support Brandon as he gets promoted from director of operations to regional consultant. He discussed this and the firm's expansion into the Portland, Oregon market.

“It’s like a dream come true – I went to the Bahamas and got promoted to regional consultant!” smiled Brandon, ATL Events Group’s director of operations. “I’m still feeling a bit surreal. Before I say too much else though, I want to thank the absolutely fantastic group of people I work with here at ATL Events Group. I’m really just getting moved out of the way so the shining stars who work here have a chance to blow by me!”

Brandon is referring to the conference he and some high achievers at the firm recently qualified to attend in the Bahamas. While there, he and his team enjoyed relaxing in the tropical locale while sharing best practices with other top performers from across North America. Then, at a recognition ceremony, Brandon learned he was being promoted.

ATL Events Group Opening the Portland Market

One of the reasons Brandon received the nod for regional consultant is the tremendous work he and the rest of the team at ATL Events Group have put in to expand the office into Portland. Demand for the firm’s experiential marketing services is on the rise, and moving into Portland, Oregon illustrates how our firm is growing.

“Portland is really a happening place to be right now, especially for young professionals,” Brandon explained. “About 30,000 new jobs were added this year, and with even more people and businesses being attracted to the job market that number is sure to go up for 2016.”

For example, Google recently moved to downtown Portland and the company is still growing. Tech companies such as Wacom, is in the process of relocating their headquarters there. Perhaps most exciting of all is the strong possibility that other Fortune 500 companies will be relocating either to Portland or a nearby area as well. Along with the addition of these industry giants, the population of Portland is expected to at least double in the next two to three decades, creating an incredible amount of opportunity.

“Portland is one of the top four states in the U.S. in terms of people moving in, and the City is definitely one of the major destinations. It’s a beautiful place to both visit and live, and I know the ATL Events Group professionals are going to do well there. Hopefully my new duties will allow me to check in on them from time to time and be amazed at how much they accomplished with me overseeing operations.” Brandon expressed.​

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