ATL Events Group Expands Into Exciting New Markets

ATL Events Group's director of operations detailed the firm's expansion efforts in two major markets. He also outlined an upcoming incentive trip and the travel opportunities his team enjoys.

Opening new markets is one of the most exciting things a company can do, and the leaders at ATL Events Group are in the midst of an aggressive expansion. The firm now has new offices in Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington. “We are thrilled with the progress we are making in these vibrant markets,” stated Brandon, the company’s director of operations. “I know these efforts will lead to great things for our firm and the brands we represent.”

Company leaders selected Thomas and Will to travel to the Denver market to train the team. Victoria, Genesis, Bryan, and Jordan were chosen to represent the firm in the new region. “I have full confidence that our high achievers will continue setting and reaching ambitious goals in Denver,” added the director. “Seattle offers a lot of promise as well, and I can’t wait to get up and running there too.”

"It's critical for us to keep aiming high,"

Brandon, Director of Operations

Brandon and the rest of the ATL Events Group knows that companies must set high benchmarks to stay relevant. “It’s critical for us to keep aiming high,” the director said. “We have achieved great success on behalf of the brands we promote, but we feel we’re just getting started. We are looking forward to making strong impressions on consumers in Denver and Seattle. More than that, we are ready to establish lasting relationships with customers and business partners in these growing markets.”

ATL Events Group’s Director Discusses Team Travel Opportunities

 The team at ATL Events Group enjoys a range of travel options, including industry conferences and educational seminars. They also get the chance to unwind at corporate retreats from time to time. “We have a pretty amazing bonus trip coming up soon,” the director remarked. “It’s a free trip to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, and the person who earns it will be very happy. This is going to be an incredible vacation with plenty of fun in the sun.”

Company leaders explained that the individual who achieves the most growth in the next period will increase his or her chance of gaining a spot at the retreat. They will announce who gets to attend the Bahamas trip soon, but there are also some other travel opportunities for the firm’s associates in the coming months. Brandon added, “We like to give our people lots of chances to grow and develop through travel. Whether it’s an exotic retreat or a business seminar, they always get something valuable out of venturing away from the office together.”


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Source: ATL Events Group