ATL Events Group Implements Incentive-Based Hiring

ATL Events Group's director of operations discussed plans to use incentives in the firm's hiring plan. As an example, he highlighted the team's philanthropic partnership with a local organization.

“The time has come once again to open more sales and marketing positions to meet the growing demand for our services,” said Brandon, the director of operations at ATL Events Group. “This is especially exciting for my colleagues and me because we’ve made some improvements to our hiring plan. This fall, we’re pushing for a high recruiting season by creating bonuses and incentives for the team.”

Brandon believes this approach will add more impact and meaning to the office environment. He indicated that people have a better understanding of and more perspective on what ATL Events Group is all about when their family and friends refer them to the company.

“I’ve also invested with great companies like LinkedIn and Join Our Talent Network to let applicants know the benefits of working at ATL Events Group,” Brandon stated. “For instance, Join Our Talent Network enhances job search and application processes. Whether you chose to apply or just leave your information, we can stay connected with you. You can also receive alerts with new and relevant job opportunities, along with other communications and updates from our organization.”

“I invite anyone who might be interested in joining our team to check us out,” Brandon added. “It’s easy to apply online.”

Leader of ATL Events Group Identifies the Benefits of Community Giving

“There are all sorts of incentives we can offer, but one of my favorites is the chance to give back to our community,” Brandon continued. “ATL Events Group has a partnership with the Atlanta Food Bank. We offer assistance on a monthly basis, and our efforts have made a big impact by helping Atlanta end hunger.”

According to Brandon, charitable giving and volunteer work positively affect more than the recipients of these generous actions. There are physical and mental health benefits. There is even meaningful influence on work performance.

“Working with nonprofits offers endless possibilities for honing new skills and networking,” Brandon indicated. “It enables people to bring more value to their offices. What’s more, it motivates them to work even harder. Many have goals pertaining to giveback, and the ability to do so as part of their careers really engages them.”

“When people hear which companies offer incentives, the brightest and most talented individuals compete to work for them,” Bandon concluded. “That’s what makes these bonuses so helpful to ATL Events Group. We onboard amazing people, and they stick with us. I can’t wait for the next phase of our adventure.”

Source: ATL Events Group