ATL Events Group Interviewing for Entry-Level Positions

ATL Events Group's leader reported that management is seeking fresh talent to assist with a new campaign initiative, and to support overall business growth. He is targeting college students in particular.

“Running a new campaign is a truly exciting time for any business, and ATL Events Group is no different,” said Brandon, the firm’s director of operations. “We’re partnering with a Fortune 500 company for a new promotion, which will take place over the next couple of months. Furthermore, we’re seeking top talent to help us exceed all expectations.”

Brandon explained that he and his colleagues are now conducting interviews for entry-level candidates. The available positions are ideally suited for college students planning to graduate in May. There are also internship opportunities at ATL Events Group for individuals who are still completing their coursework. 

“We’ve earned quite a reputation for our top-quality marketing and consulting services,” Brandon stated. “This is partially the result of our dynamic approach to outreach, but it’s also the logical outcome of our team’s collaborative efforts. Everyone who contributes to our firm brings his or her own unique perspective and talent. When they come together to fuse their passion and creativity, magic happens. Anyone who wants to be part of this experience should apply through our website.”

ATL Events Group’s Director Presents Strategies for Attracting College Talent

“In my experience, I’ve discovered that college students and recent graduates are tenacious, eager to learn, flexible, and tech savvy,” Brandon continued. “Other business leaders seem to agree with me, because this demographic is in high demand. It’s no secret that hiring based on ability is much more effective that hiring based on experience. This approach gives people with limited work history opportunity to grow along with companies.”

According to Brandon, waiting until the last minute to hire is a poor tactic. Students have a lot of options after they graduate, so it’s best to start early. In fact, it’s best to think of hiring as an ongoing process. Recruiting can take place at any time of the year.

“I also suggest creating a strong brand as a job provider,” Brandon concluded. “It’s best to be known as a company where people like and want to work. Of course, it’s vital to live up to this reputation. Invest in training and growth, maintain a healthy office culture, promote readily, be flexible, and offer plenty of perks. Get the word out through social media and by visiting campuses.”

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