ATL Events Group Places High Value on Training

The director of operations at ATL Events Group described the firm's progressive training regimen. He also identified the qualities and habits developed during the program.

“I’m incredibly proud of the success ATL Events Group has garnered to date,” said Brandon, the firm’s director of operations. “Our team is the primary reason for our growing reputation in the experiential marketing field. We put a lot of energy into talent management, which includes recruiting and hiring as well as training.”

Brandon explained that leadership’s interest in team development involves a focus on professional growth. Every new team member is paired with an experienced associate. Together, they combine existing skills with fresh insight. “Our hands-on approach allows all our people to develop the confidence they need to design and deploy high-end campaigns,” he stated. “As a result, ATL Events Group is always on top of the latest trends, generating bottom-line results for the brands we promote.”

The company’s director also noted that advancement through training depends on work ethic and drive. Once a team member masters certain skills, he or she moves forward. This creates the possibility of nonstop mobility. Everyone who contributes value to the firm has the potential to become a leader.

Director of ATL Events Group Highlights the Qualities of Ideal Candidates, Which Are Honed During Intensive Training

“Effective leaders aren’t simply born,” Brandon continued. “They become adept in a range of areas that promote productivity in others. When we interview professionals to work at ATL Events Group, we only onboard those who convey the abilities and desire to become leaders. Then my colleagues and I help them sharpen the skills and develop the habits they need to excel.”

According to Brandon, active listening is a big part of being a good leader. It requires far more than waiting to speak. He explained that it’s a matter of observing body language, noticing inflections in voice, and asking questions for clarification as needed. In this way, leaders convey to their teams that they care.

“At ATL Events Group, we also define great leadership as the ability to work proactively,” Brandon concluded. “Constant knee-jerk reactions lead to wasted resources and frustration. We train our people to anticipate problems and plan ahead. They learn how to think before acting in order to avoid unnecessary repercussions. All this may seem relatively simple, but not just anyone can do it. That’s why we place such great effort on finding promising candidates to join our team, and training them thoroughly. This method hasn’t failed us yet!”

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